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Licensed Psychologist, Now What?

Licensed Psychologist, Now What?

Hosted by: Dr. Lydiana Garcia

A podcast about the journey psychotherapists and psychologists embark on to reclaim their intuition and unleash their healing gifts, as they maneuver into becoming a psychotherapist/psychologist, life, and making a...

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Successfully Complete your Doctorate While Managing Chronic Pain and Balancing Life with Dr. Juliana Sanchez

Today, on ‘Licensed Psychologist, Now What?’ Podcast I am honored to share a conversation with the fabulous Dr. Juliana Sanchez. Managing chronic illness as she was going through her schooling was a challenge but she...
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Reclaiming Energy Healing with Maritza Plascencia, LMFT

Welcome back to my new podcast, ‘Licensed Psychologist, Now, What? After a short one-week break I am back to chat with a dear friend and colleague who I was lucky to have on my other podcast, The Beyond Resilience...
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Dismantling Supremacy Culture in our Relationships and Private Practice with Shirani M.Pathak, LCSW

Welcome to another episode of ‘Licensed Psychologist, Now What?’ Podcast. I am honored to have my friend and mastermind partner, Shirani M. Pathak, LCSW, join us as we talk about how we can dismantle Supremacy Culture...
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Reconnecting with our Sensualidad and Truth with Jenny Viveros, LCSW

In today’s episode, I am so excited to welcome my first guest! I have the pleasure of introducing my friend Jenny Viveros, LCSW @latin_burlesque. Jenny likes to call herself a Licensed Clinical Social Worker by day...
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Becoming a Psychologist Pt. 4

Today’s episode wraps up the journey I have been through to become the Licensed Psychologist I am today and where my life has taken me on this continuous path of growth and evolution. I invite you to listen to this...
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Becoming a Psychologist Pt.3

In today’s episode of ‘Licensed Psychologist, Now, What? I take you on a little journey from the time I started my predoctoral internship in Los Angeles, California to when I went full-time in my private practice a...
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Becoming a Psychologist Pt. 2

Welcome to another episode of my new Podcast, Licensed Psychologist, Now What? Today I continue to embark you on my journey by talking a little more in-depth about my education which was mostly from Catholic Schools...
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Becoming a Psychologist Pt. 1

Welcome to my new podcast; Licensed Psychologist, Now What? !!! For those who don’t know me, I can proudly tell you I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and brought up within a big family. My childhood was surrounded...
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What Licensed Psychologist, Now What? Is all about...

Welcome to Licensed Psychologist, Now What? podcast! So excited to get this project out into the World.
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