Healing the Inner Child

Mending Wounds So You Can Grow

AUGUST 25, 2019  | 2-5 PM

If you’ve been feeling “left out”, afraid to set boundaries, insecure and with low self-worth, most likely you have some Inner Child wounds. These wounds were created during your childhood, but they continue to rule how you treat yourself and others. This Healing Session was design to help you mend some of these wounds so you can grow.



Previous Event

Panelist at Xecure to Launch

July 7th 2019 | Alhambra, CA

This is a celebration of the community we are creating via this podcast and the everyday empowerment we implement through out connections. This podcast is geared towards the empowerment of women as a collective and our allies. Those that understand the value of empowering and supporting each other are welcome. We are creating a community of power, magic and self-love. We are advocating for healing of our collective, supporting each others experiences and holding space for our sisters.

Panelist at Sala Salon: Forgiveness Event

JUNE 21, 2019 | 6-9 PM


That thing you said? That thing you thought? That thing you didn't do? It's OK.

Join us for our next SALA Salon. Let's sit down and discuss forgiveness because you're doing your best.

When women gather there is always power & healing is an after effect of finding the beauty in your struggle. We don't expect you to do this alone so we brought some friends.


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