23. Identity Metamorphosis: Unlearning, Deconstructing, and Designing Who We Are

Hello and welcome back to Licensed Psychologist, Now What? podcast after a year and a half on hiatus! For today's episode, I felt very inspired to record this topic about Identity Metamorphosis: Unlearning, Deconstructing, and Designing Who We Are.

Recently, I've been reflecting a lot about full circles and the things I've learned a long time ago that are now making full sense. Something I feel important as we deconstruct is that idea of coming full circle which is also the basic concept of Licensed Psychologist, Now What? podcast. Hopefully via this podcast, we can find some community and some common ground for several of us who are questioning our profession standards and the things that we have done in order to, a lot of times, survive so that we can reconnect with ourselves, our gifts, what we came here to do at the moment, and how we can continue to evolve.

On this episode, I shared the 3 things that have helped in my journey of deconstructing and designing the identity that I have:

✨ Questioning

 Following curiosity, and

✨ Connecting with nature

Life Update! I also wanted to share some updates over the last months/year.

 Moving to Tampa, Florida with family

 Taking new clients (and insurances) for in-person therapy in Fl

 Having a 9-week old schnauzer

 Having my first retreat in Puerto Rico with my amazing hermana, Natalie Gutiérrez, LMFT, which I will devote a whole episode about that journey

 Excited as we will soon announce our second retreat in Puerto Rico for next year 

I hope you get some nuggets from this episode, and I would love to hear what resonates with you and where you are in your journey. I look forward to building more this community and getting this podcast back on track. 


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