15. Connecting with your Intuition and Spirituality with Rosa Shetty, LCSW

Today on Licensed Psychologist, Now What? Podcast I have the honor and privilege to introduce the amazing, Rosa Shetty, LCSW @@rosashettylcsw who is a mom, wife, and dedicated professional who specializes in Trauma-Focused Therapy using her own journey of personal growth and development as the basis for her healing work.

Even though she uses traditional methods like EMDR, Rosa thrives through methods that involve more spiritual-mind-body connections like Havening and Trauma-Focused Yoga.

We talk about her purpose, where she is able to guide folks back to their own medicina/medicine and how she helps them connect with that part of themselves that is already wise, that already knows, so they can be their own healers. Through her own healing, she has been able to help her patients connect with their inner child and connect to their ancestors which in turn takes them on a path of ancestral healing that makes the work so fulfilling as she has achieved healing for families altogether.

Rosa flows from her strong intuition and connection to her ancestors that has given her the ability to provide a safe space for spiritual practice within her community.

To learn more about Rosa’s work please check out her Website, find her on Instagram or listen to her Podcast.

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