24. Exploring the Internalized Undervaluing Ourselves and Our Work

Welcome back to another episode of ‘Licensed Psychologist, Now What?’ podcast. Today, I invite you to go within and to start bringing some curiosity and explore the topic of valuing yourself.

Not to be in the extreme of being the most amazing person, that you hurt people along the way. What I want to bring here is that in between - the between of an ego-centric kind of life, like, I'm gonna be on top because nobody cared about me. And the other extreme of not worthy of earning good money or valuing myself enough to rest.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself:
✨ Are you valuing yourself, your gifts, and what you have to offer? Are you working with practical things like how much you charge?
✨ Who we are. We are healers but that's not all that we are. That's what we choose to work with but our essence, our soul is way bigger.
✨ Are you taking care of your body? Are you doing your own healing practices? Are you doing what do you recommend to others? Do you take time to do the things that you enjoy?

When we start valuing ourselves, and each person starts valuing themselves, then that creates a movement.

I look forward to knowing how this sits with you. And as you work on dismantling those internalized undervaluing ourselves, share with me, I'm also here with you.


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