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Unlocking Your Truth

When was the last time you felt sure of your decisions? When was the last time you didn’t focus so much on what others thought? When was the last time you didn’t question your parenthood skills or your ability as a mother? 


Right after I had my son, I felt as if someone else took my body and I was seeing everything from outside; so surreal. I questioned everything I learned about parenting, the treatment modalities I learned and the overall recommendations and suggestions I gave to many of the parents I worked before becoming a mom. I also questioned my worth, whether I really wanted to become a mom, my relationship with my husband, and my priorities and professional trajectory. I was so afraid to feel depressed or to have suicidal ideations. I was also afraid to open up about it and to seek help. 

But I did seek help, and slowly but surely, the coin started to flip, and I started to see the lessons and new opportunities my adversities were teaching me. I was no longer feeling stuck, or letting my triggers handle me. I now see when I ride the shame/guilt trip way faster than before, and I feel much more confident of implementing the skills that help me retake my purpose-driven path. I am also aware of many of the ancestral patterns that are not serving me and my son, and I’m working toward making changes and healing us.

As I embarked in this journey, I reflected on my psychology practice and I wanted to create a space outside of it to reach people beyond the 1-on-1 weekly sessions. That’s when I decided to start the podcast, and also building a community, through providing workshops, online training and life events. 

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The Beyond Resilience Life is a bilingual (Spanish/English) podcast about overcoming life adversities and traumas, resilience, and creating new meanings and transformations

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