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When was the last time you felt sure of your decisions? When was the last time you didn’t focus so much on what others thought? When was the last time you didn’t question your parenthood skills or your ability as a mother? 


Right after I had my son, I felt as if someone else took my body and I was seeing everything from outside; so surreal. I questioned everything I learned about parenting, the treatment modalities I learned and the overall recommendations and suggestions I gave to many of the parents I worked before becoming a mom. I also questioned my worth, whether I really wanted to become a mom, my relationship with my husband, and my priorities and professional trajectory. I was so afraid to feel depressed or to have suicidal ideations. I was also afraid to open up about it and to seek help. 

But I did seek help, and slowly but surely, the coin started to flip, and I started to see the lessons and new opportunities my adversities were teaching me. I was no longer feeling stuck, or letting my triggers handle me. I now see when I ride the shame/guilt trip way faster than before, and I feel much more confident of implementing the skills that help me retake my purpose-driven path. I am also aware of many of the ancestral patterns that are not serving me and my son, and I’m working toward making changes and healing us.

As I embarked in this journey, I reflected on my psychology practice and I wanted to create a space outside of it to reach people beyond the 1-on-1 weekly sessions. That’s when I decided to start the podcast, and also building a community, through providing workshops, online training and life events. 

Will you join me?


For Online Therapreneurs

Rooted and Rising

 A coaching program designed to help you jumpstart the journey of BECOMING the psychotherapist and healer you are meant to be; through reclaiming your own voice, intuition, inherited gifts, and learning practical ways to run your business in a way that honors your current season of life.

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Latinx Therapreneur meet-ups

This is a FREE consultation group for Latina/o/x/e psychotherapist and psychologist that are providing online offerings.  

Creating an Online Course 101

This course is designed for psychotherapists and related professionals that are interested in creating an online course, and have no idea how to get it started. 

Integrating Online Courses to Your Psychotherapy Practice

An online Masterclass on the benefits and ways of integrating online courses to your psychotherapy practice

1:1 Strategy Coaching Call

A 50-min coaching call to guide you in creating your online course/offering, or to focus on self-regulation skills to help you build your business.

Creating and Running Your Podcast Trello Board

A step-by-step process from conceptualizing to promoting a podcast. Includes 5 Editable Canva templates for your social media graphics

Delegating and Optimizing Content Masterclass

A recorded Masterclass on how to repurpose content, and delegate work to virtual assistants.

Resiliency Tools

Self-Regulation Plan

A 8-page PDF in which you will craft a plan to help you feel calmer when you get dysregulated.

5 Days to Feel Calmer and Regulated Experience

Learn 5 simple yet effective skills to help you feel calmer and more regulated.

Resiliency During Covid-19 e-book

A 13-page eBook filled with coping skills you can easily do at home to foster resiliency during this pandemic.


Nature Therapy with Diana Lleras, LPC 

Today, I have the honor and privilege to introduce to you to Diana Lleras, LPC @consejeria_caringandhealing. We talk about the many different ways Nature can help us, how we are wired to feel calmer when we are out in nature and how our senses activate when we are mindful of our connection to Mother Nature. She shared amazing information that she has been able to implement in her practice like the nutritional and spiritual, healing aspects of nature.

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Imperfect Motherhood Stories

For this year's celebration of Mother's Day, I’ve created a podcast episode about imperfect motherhood with the intention of normalizing this "imperfection" while we're mothering, especially right now, as social media is highlighting of this idea of what a mom or a caregiver should be. This newer generations who are parenting are surrounded with an extra layer of pressure. We’re being super informed and by having all this access to so much information, then also comes the pressure. 

It is my honor to share with you stories of some friends and ex colleagues, who are mothers, about an experience where they felt they were not being a perfect mother, and just normalizing that, and then sharing a message for all of you.


Survivor Love Letter

I wanted to dedicate this blog post to anyone that was touched by or experienced sexual assault, or sexual abuse or rape. I’ll be sharing 10 Loving Reminders with the intention that they be received by the unconscious parts of you that can listen without the filter of the conscious, and all the biases, and all the “I can't, I am not suppose, I'm not good enough”. If you’d allow me, I wanted to bypass all of that and go straight to your heart, straight to your essence, and to your spirit to help remind you of some truth that can be liberating and that can help you in your journey.


The Healing Power of Nature

A lot of us, especially our ancestors, consider nature as a healer, not only for our physical health but for our overall wellbeing - body, mind and spirit. We’ve dedicated the month of April to honor Earth Day which is being celebrated every April 22nd. I had the privilege of talking about the powerful benefits of nature over on The Beyond Resilience Life Podcast with an amazing guest, Cindy Rodriguez. She is the founder of Reclama, a spiritual hiking and journaling community for women of color. 


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We will focus on connecting  with each other and reflecting on the year and its lessons. There will also be Q&A towards the end.

Thursday, December 17th 5:00pm-6:15pm PT