Creating an Online Course 101


Do you want to create an online course to stop trading hours for money, and to supplement your practice but have no idea how to get started? Welcome to 101.


This course is designed for psychotherapists and related professionals that are interested in creating an online course, and have no idea how to get it started.

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Have you been thinking on creating an online course to teach and share your knowledge with a larger community?

Are you interested in expanding your services to offer online classes, programs, and webinars?

But the idea of thinking where to start, what technology program to use, and how to get it started overwhelms you? and perhaps then gets in the way of you actually "figuring" it out or getting it started?

I hear you, and I understand you because I was there around 2 years ago stuck in my head because of technology and other limiting beliefs. I knew I wanted to expand my services online to be able to reach a larger community and to not be bound to my license limitations of being a psychologist in California. 

I have dedicated the last few years to learn and build my online business through courses, memberships, webinars, and others.

I am so grateful for following my heart and intuition to this new way of doing business, because especially now, with this pandemic, I feel confident that I can continue to work and offer my services without the limitation of just doing therapy and dependent on my office location. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy doing therapy, but I don't see myself doing therapy full-time; it takes an emotional toll on me, and on my growing family.

So I decided to create a course to give you the basic on how to create an online course 101, especially designed for psychotherapists, based on the knowledge I learned and how I am applying it to my courses.

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In this course you will...

  • Get clear on what you want to teach and share 

  • Identify the medium to teach and share your ideas

  • Discover the 3 most important tools that you need to create an online course

  • Learn the basic steps that will guide you to create your online course

  • And simple ideas to market and sell your course


Topics Discussed


Pre-Recorded approx. 2.5 hours workshop that covers the basic of:

  • 5 Ethical Considerations
  • 7 Key Considerations when Creating the Offer
  • 10 Questions to help you Discover and Attract your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • 7 Steps to help you Build an Audience from scratch
  • Delegating tasks that are technical or that would take too much of your time by hiring a Virtual Assistant
  • Recommended Technology that I use and Simplifies the work
  • Explore 4 ways you can Create a Course by your Design 
  • Learn 12 ways to optimize spreading the news about your course, getting customers and generating sales 
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There is a lot of uncertainty right now around the World.

COVID-19 pandemic has made it clear to us (psychotherapists) that we cannot depend on the one-on-one office interactions. 

This situation is forcing us to look at new ways to keep serving our clients and evolve through this process. Now, more than ever, is vital to develop a way to work online or remotely. 

An online course could be an excellent solution for you to implement in your business as we move forward to a new way of operating our practices.

About Me...

Hi! I'm Dr. Lydiana Garcia, a Boricua Licensed Psychologist in Los Angeles, CA. I specialize in facilitating healing trauma and life adversities integrating somatic and traditional talk therapy. I like to operate from a holistic and individual approach, taking in consideration collective trauma.

I am also the founder and host of The Beyond Resilience Life podcast. I launched an online platform last year, that includes an online course, online support groups and webinars. In the future, I am planning on launching a membership and some more webinars.

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April Mayorga, MFT 

"I use to feel confused about the process of creating an online course. Dr. Lydiana's course helped me gain the confidence and clarity towards creating my first online course! I can now provide such valuable resources to my community in a way that is unique to me. Her mentorship and guidance allowed me to view creating courses as an expansion of my business. I highly recommend this webinar and hope there is more to come!" 

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Sofía Mendoza, LCSW

"As a therapist, I never got training in the business side of the profession. This course was super helpful for me as a POC female, entrepreneur, creator and therapist. I have so many ideas brewing in my head and a clearer direction in the way I need to go to realize some upcoming goals I have for my business and contributions for my community. Dr. Garcia created such an intimate and safe space to dream out loud and give some good feedback and consultation."

Creating an Online Course 101

$197 or 2 payments of $99

  • Previously Recorded 2.5-hour online workshop
  • A 15-page PDF with the steps to create an online course
  • Bonus 1: How to Create a Sales Page recorded training
  • Bonus 2: How to Create a Product in Kajabi recorded training
  • Bonus 3: Delegating and Optimizing Content Masterclass


Bonus 1: How to Create a Sales Page webinar

This recorded webinar will show you how to create a Sales Page utilizing Kajabi.

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Bonus 2: Creating the Product in Kajabi

In this recorded webinar you will see how I created the product for this webinar in Kajabi. It's a hands on how-to create the product.

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Bonus 3: Delegating and Optimizing Content Masterclass

It is a 1.5 hours Masterclass in which you will learn how to repurpose content, hire and delegate work to virtual assistants. 

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