S1 Bonus #1 Cosmic Weavers Pt. 3; Exploring Generational Trauma, Colonization, and Allowing my Light to Shine

Uncategorized Jul 28, 2019


Bonus #1


I am beyond excited to share with you part 3 of the Cosmic Weaver series :)


This episode resulted from a series of synchronicities I shared with Linda aka Luz Warrior and Jasmine aka Esoteric Esa in which we explored the overall topic of alpha women "competition" and how we react(ed) in those scenarios. I share more about my conceptualization on the factors that contribute(d) to shut my light off when encountered with other powerful womxn; including ancestral patterns, slavery, and colonization.


I truly hope that the intention gets through and that you let that light shine bright.


To listen to Pt. 1, please check out Better Work Bitch S3 E6 

To listen to Pt. 2, please check  https://www.lettherebeluz.com/episodes episode 77


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