Episode 98: Imperfect Motherhood Stories

Uncategorized May 13, 2021

Today on the Beyond Resilience Life Podcast and since we just celebrated Mother’s Day I wanted to share, with the help of my amazing guests; Maritere R. Bellas @latinaboomermom, Dr. Maria Mercedes Dominguez, Ph.D. @dr.dthemft, Yuritzy Gomez Serrano @mftyuri, and Gladys Aguilar LCSW @gladysaguilarlcsw  some real stories of real moms who find themselves struggling in their motherhood journeys. 

  • We wanted to focus on how important it is to change the image of the perfect mother and the expectation and pressure that society and social media have imposed on women.
  • As we continue to celebrate our moms and our motherhood I hope that when you listen to some of these stories about how these mothers found themselves living an imperfect motherhood they were still able to put their own feelings of shame or fear or whatever negative behavior came up aside, and were able to give themselves enough compassion to understand nobody is perfect especially mothers, and it is okay to let our kids know that and to teach them that loving unconditionally is all we want as human beings.

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