Episode 102: Rediscovering Our Sense of Belonging

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2022

Today on 'The Beyond Resilience Life' podcast I have the honor and privilege to introduce you to Becca Piastrelli @beccapiastrelli, fellow mama, author, and podcaster.

This was a special interview for me because I received a message about Becca being interested in coming on my podcast and I already knew her work and book and loved her message so I couldn’t believe she wanted to talk to me, a real star-struck moment for sure!

Our conversation centered around her book: ‘Root & Ritual’ which came out in November of 2021. We also talked about all things about becoming a mama during the pandemic and how the feeling of belonging felt absent for so many but in our case, it hit closer to home as we were women living through a major milestone which is welcoming motherhood. Having a baby during this difficult time without access to the community made it so much harder, so, for me in particular listening to these messages of belonging that she shares were needed now more than ever.

It’s so important for a person to feel they belong, doesn’t matter the season they are in, to one-self, to a community, the importance to find this sense of belonging can help us move forward and live a better life.

To find out more about Becca you can follow her on Instagram, check out her website, listen to her podcast or you can read her book: Root & Ritual.

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