A coaching program designed to help you jumpstart the journey of BECOMING the psychotherapist and healer you are meant to be; through reclaiming your own voice, intuition, inherited gifts and learning practical ways to run your business in a sustainable and regenerative way.


The program starts on Monday, October 18th, 2021, and will run through Wednesday, February 2nd, 2021.

Do you have a feeling, a sensation, that you are meant for so much more? 

And yet,

You have no idea how to bring into fruition this calling?

Part of the confusion is grounded on self-doubts, fears, internalized oppression, traumas, and more. 

What if I fail?
I don’t have what it takes.
I did everything I was supposed to; get a psychotherapy/psychologist degree, get my license, and work in an agency serving the community I wanted...and yet, I feel dissatisfied.
Like there is something else I am being called to…
A different way of delivering my gifts and service…
But I have no idea how to do it, and I am afraid of not being able to do it and lose what I already have.
Why can’t I just feel grateful for what I have? For what I’ve accomplished, especially given all the privileges I have that my caregivers and ancestors did not have…

However, something that you are clear on is that what you’re doing is not sustainable. If you keep going on the same train, eventually it will crash; meaning you fear that you will quit and change completely careers. 

And even though this might sound comforting (quitting), there is another part of you that knows that if you do so, you won’t feel good about it.

What if I tell you that there is a different path you can take to help you further tap into your calling, explore and start/continuing removing what is getting in the way, and get the support needed to bring it to fruition.

There are multiple paths/ways to do this, and probably you have seen different programs, teachers, mentors, therapists, or even explored different healing modalities and treatments.

And I’m here to share with you my offering, how I could help you.

"I'm a recent participant in Dr. Lydiana Garcia's mentorship program. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow as both an individual and a professional healer. I am honored to learn of the impact of many of my own community members who are making a difference all across the country.

I thank Dr. Garcia for bringing us all together to honor our own roots, reflecting on the importance of vulnerability and culture when it comes to supporting the healing process of others." 

- Daisy Banuelos, LMFT

Growing up, I was the child and teen that other children and teens would go to share their deepest fears, issues and looked for support. Listening, validating, and offering the space for them to be seen came naturally to me. A lot of them would then often share how seen they felt and how much the space I offered (by being present) helped them feel much better. 

So I knew from very early on that I was a healer. When the time came to choose a career to study, naturally I came across the psychologist profession. In many ways, it felt like I was going to be able to use my healing gifts via this profession.

In the journey to get my degree, I had to put all my big ideas and intuition into the box of CBT (this was my graduate school’s main theoretical approach). Then I also joined oppressive systems (applying for internship procedures, and the mental health field) that continue to highlight and feed the internalized oppression I was already carrying. 

After getting licensed, I was in deep debt. The journey of moving from Puerto Rico with my husband, who at the time did not speak English, him being unemployed for parts of it, my student loans (still have some), the low wages I received (even with a Ph.D.) impacted our finances big time.

The financial limitations kept me working at places that did not value me and that I did not enjoy fully, because my constant go-go mode (which was also celebrated as “persistence”) did not let me regulate enough to reclaim my voice, intuition, and building the business and offerings I wanted and fell called to.

I was experiencing exhaustion, became more pessimistic than ever, my body started to yell for me to pause and rest with all the stomach issues and allergies that re-emerged, and my dream of working from an aligned, intuitive and fun perspective kept being dragged away. 

In 2014, I went part-time after my hubby found a good-enough earning job. This was the first over 14 years that I took to pause, rest and reassess what I wanted to do with my life. During this time I reconnected with my internal fire and desires and tended to it. Several months later, I found out I was pregnant with my eldest child. This exponentially pushed me to reassess and plan what I wanted to do. It was then when I realized that I was still operating in survival mode, in a go-go mode that was not satisfying my needs, and my cup was running empty. 

After having Tiago, my eldest, shit hit the fan, and a lot of my own childhood attachment issues and traumas came up all at once. I felt lost, confused and even though my inner fire kept burning, there was so much in the way that at times I noticed it dying.

The first three years of motherhood were really hard for me, and it also propelled me to pursue my own practice and business, and to ponder about my gifts and my calling (in a way, tending to my inner fire).

In 2018, I left my part-time job and went all-in into my private practice. Even though I was earning way more than my paying jobs, I found myself in another spider web of working too much, and even though I did not have any supervisor, I was operating from the same “chip” as if I was an employee; not resting, pushing myself to see too many clients, and worrying about “productivity.” Something important to add is that I've always been clear that my calling is not to be a full-time therapist, it never has been. And yet, here I was doing it...

Around this time, I also reassumed my “speaker” role and spoke in many events; though none were paid… Eventually, I hit my second hard bottom and shut everything out. 

While “resting”, I realized that I kept operating from the same internalized oppressive way of overworking and exploiting myself to the point of physical and mental exhaustion. I also had a deep and real talk with myself about how much I steered away from my true calling and inner fire by doing the full-time therapist role.

At that moment, I made the conscious decision of not doing that pattern ever again and created some measures to assess myself and some boundaries; for example: just being in one personal growth program/courses at a time, only doing one therapy model related training per year, prioritizing health (exercise, nutrition, sleep), not doing free speaking events, and getting more support. During this time, I also found I was expecting our little one (do you see the pattern here, I get pregnant when I consciously go into resting mode).

Fast forward to Spring 2020, I was about to deliver my second child, and I knew new changes and more boundaries were needed to sustain me and my family; including doing everything virtually. 

I've also created some rituals and practices to connect to my inner fire and calling (including journaling, moon rituals, creating an altar for the soul of my business, cacao ceremonies, meditating). 

I've also worked towards creating aligned offerings that felt sustainable and regenerative for me and for my family. Some of the ways I've done this have been integrating my business to my mom and family life, taking into consideration the hours of operation and needed times for school drop-offs, dinner time, putting kiddos to sleep, and not working at nights (these work for me and my family). I've also created more boundaries around responding to emails, calling back potential clients, and going over session times. Another big boundary I added was having enough breaks throughout my working hours, and working to prioritizing my body's health; such as exercise, healthy eating, and rest. 

Since I've changed the way of operating my business, I've been surprised by how things flow easier when I am grounded, aligned, and connected to my inner fire and calling. And like everything, there have been new challenges, as more uncertainty about the income I'll generate, and the worries that I could fail (prompted by all the changes and operating from a slower pace). 

And this is what I'm feeling compelled to share and teach/facilitate to other psychotherapists, psychologists, and healers that want to connect to their inner fire, calling, and purpose and create aligned and sustainable (and regenerative) offerings that will bring forth healing in the World.

I believe the World needs You, your healing gifts and offerings Right Now. We are experiencing lots of adversities and yet, our healing gifts were given for a reason.

My role is to facilitate the journey for you to tend to your inner fire, to that inner desire to bring forth the gifts that only you (with your personality, experiences, and upbringing) can offer to our humanity at this exact time. 


Here's the analogy I have about your gifts and fire. Imagine that your inner gifts represent a fire, a flame that lives within you. Given all the adversity, oppression, and traumas, you probably feel like the fire is dying. This program is intended to help you reconnect to your fire, tend to it, and make it shine brighter and brighter, bringing light into this World. Just like fire needs Oxygen, Heat, and Fuel to exist, this program offers you:

  • Oxygen: My support and presence to help you feel safe enough to reconnect with your truth via the 1:1 coaching and direct WhatsApp communication
  • Heat: The community to help you lean back and feel supported by one another via the group calls and WhatsApp group chat
  • Fuel: The tools and practical teaching and lessons to help you bring forth your gifts into this World

Besides this, you will have the opportunity to explore the factors that get in the way of your fire shining brightly; through exploring traumas (including ancestral), internalized oppression, impostor syndrome, and other factors that dim your light. These will be explored via the retreats, calls and on the PDF’s journal prompts and exploration.

I believe that you are capable of reclaiming your own voice, intuition, and inherited gifts. In fact, I believe it’s imperative that you do. The World that we live in today needs you to show your unique healing gifts. And not in a way that burns you out while healing others, but in a way that:

  • Your needs are also met;
  • You innovate programs/practices that adapt to the current issues and greater good; 
  • You get paid well enough to sustain yourself and your loved ones, and to support causes you believe in;
  • You allow space for rest/integration and fun;
  • You take care of your physical, emotional, and spiritual health;
  • You create meaningful relationships and collaborations;
  • You create systems that help you achieve a great balance between home and work;
  • You hire a great team that is also nourished and well taken care of

Introducing The Mental Health Practitioner Coaching Program


The Program includes:


A 1 1/2 days Virtual Retreat in which you will explore the factors that interfere with your confidence and courage to follow your dreams: (i.e. intergenerational trauma, imposter syndrome, oppression, traumas) and start releasing them.


Pre-recorded lessons on the following topics: Building the Practice of Your Dreams, Authentic Psychotherapy and Coaching, and Online Business (including podcasting). The lessons come with PDF's and audios.

Group and 1:1 Coaching

There will be 2 monthly group coaching calls (a total of 7 calls), and 2 1:1 coaching calls with Dr. Lydiana. The group coaching calls will include "hot seats"; one person will be able to share something that they are looking to receive support, and the group will offer guidance.


The program will include a private WhatsApp group to continue building community and connection. Also, the group will be divided in smaller groups and will be encouraged to meet once or twice a month to deepen connection and support amongst each other.


Paid in Total


Bonus of an extra 1:1 coaching call

Payment Plan



Sliding Scale


Payment plans available.


Guest Healers/


Will be sharing very soon about guest presenters for the retreat and for some special extra classes/lessons.

Dr. Lydiana's offerings:

  1. Trello Board for starting a podcast
  2. Recorded Masterclass on how to Delegating and Optimizing Content


"It is truly rare to meet a mentor that invests so much into helping a mentee meet their full potential.

In 2016, Dr. Garcia became my clinical supervisor during practicum. Little did I know, she would take me under her wings and show me a world beyond simply providing psychotherapy to clients. I was afforded the opportunity to challenge my own thoughts and think outside of the box for my own goals. Dr. Garcia was pivotal in assisting me with cultivating my skills and beyond a shadow of a doubt, she will do the same for you." 

Shanna Delucien, PsyD

Why Work with Me?

  • I’m a psychologist (for the last 12 years), so a seasoned psychologist, that knows the ins and out of the psychology/mental health field
  • I’m Boricua, born and raised in La Isla Del Encanto, Puerto Rico 🇵🇷. This provides me with the unique perspective and experience of being "othered" and minoritized, and navigating the systems.
  • I’m a mom of 2 little children, which gives me lots of experience in surrendering into the unknown, constant problem solving, and getting things done in a simple #doless way
  • I am a student of life. I have lots and lots of years of experience in masterminds, personal growth trainings/seminars and getting trained to conduct healing workshops. I highly value learning and education, and I don’t act or behave in a way as if I know-it-all or this-is-the-way, because to be honest, I truly believe that there’s many paths toward your calling/healing, and only you really know what’s best for you. My role is more as of a facilitator and to remind you of your inner guidance and power.
  • I am an optimist by heart and I will believe in you and your dreams even when you lose sight of your truth. 
  • I like to explore all the different point views of a situation. I work towards recognizing the polarities and moving more to neutrality and not obsessing on either side.
  • Teaching and mentoring is part of my calling. I come from a lineage of teachers and healers and I am honoring my inner gifts and calling by doing it.

Who is this for:

  • Psychotherapists, psychologist, and healers that know they came here to do more than just the traditional therapy and/or healer role and are interested in reconnecting to their calling
  • Psychotherapists, psychologists and healers that even though they feel scared to follow their calling, want to do it and are willing to let me guide them in the journey
  • Psychotherapists, psychologists, and healers that aspire to be self-employed and/or create their own business(es) and are in the process of creating it

This is not for:

  • Graduate students; unless you already hold one mental health graduate degree that allows you to practice as a mental health practitioner (for example you have an MFT degree and you’re accruing hours toward licensure while being in a Psy.D program). 

  • This is not clinical supervision, nor can substitute it; however, there will be limited consultation on some cases.

  • A psychotherapist, psychologist, or healer that has not done any work to learn how oppression and supremacy continue to negatively impact the lives of Black, Indigenous, Bodies of Color. 

Are you Ready to

  • Increase your awareness of what continues to get in the way of you pursuing your calling and doing what you envision and want to do. 

  • Confront the imposter syndrome and other internalized oppression that try to steal your joy

  • Learn tools to finally launch (or plan your launch) your therapreneur business

  • Feel seen and heard from a fellow soñadora (have lots of dreams) that has experienced being minoritized and continuously works on herself to manage and release the internalized oppression.

  • Have the opportunity to build community with other like-minded psychotherapists and healers that could develop into future collaborations, business partners, colleagues, and friends.


Now you might think, this sounds well, but:

I am afraid to fail

This is a valid fear, and part of the journey will include many "fails". I actually see (for most of the time) a failure as a teaching moment. What did I learned about myself? What could I have done differently? Was I aligned in my message? What was the purpose of what I tried to do? and many more questions. In this program, the benefit is that you will not be alone, and if you fail, you will not only have my support but also from fellow participants.


I am afraid that by pursuing my calling, I will lose the secured job and lifestyle I worked so hard to achieve

Following your calling might incur in "losing" things you currently have. However, this program is designed to jumpstart your journey back into your calling, and the "risks" you take as part of that journey are individual to your own circumstances and life situation, and you will have my guidance and support in the way. This will imply in me providing feedback and an honest mirror of where you are and exploring the risks and benefits of each decision. I am pro doing things in smaller increments to help your nervous system slowly adapt to the changes, especially if you have a complex trauma history and your go-to has been the go-go mode. Lastly, I would also invite you to reflect about what will you gain as a result of following your calling? 


It is too much money and I'm afraid I won't see the return of investment in a timely manner

Yes, many will feel $3,000 is a large amount of money and there is no100% guarantee that you will see the return of investment within the frame of the program. However, think of all the costs you incur by not following your inner calling. All the years or extra time you will continue to feel like you're feeling. But ultimately, listen to your soul and figure out if this offer resonates with you, and if the investment seems reasonable to you. I would not recommend joining this program if you're tight on money and if you need this investment for something else in your life.


I don't think I have what it takes

This is a very common belief. My invitation to you would be to explore who or what systems have influenced you into thinking this way? Who benefits from you not believing in you? What if you believe that most people doubt their abilities too and normalize that this is part of the process. In this program, I will provide you the support to explore and dismantle this belief.


I thought I accomplished what I wanted, and my parents and ancestors never had the opportunity and kind of job I currently have

I so relate to this. My ancestors worked through so much oppression and limitations to accomplish buying a home, getting a degree and financially providing a stable home for their kids. Now I ask you, what were they pursuing via these goals? Safety, most likely, and for their children and grandchildren to have more opportunities than they had. If you have the opportunity and privilege to pursue your calling, you're actually fulfilling some of their dreams. How many of them sacrificed what they really wanted to do in order to remain safe and provide you and your caregivers more opportunities? What are you doing with the increased opportunities?


I'm not business savvy at all

I wasn't either and yet I am learning as I go. There is a myth that you need to know-it-all before creating a business (this is also a safety mechanism). And this is not true. I don't come from entrepreneurs, my parents were employees their whole life. In this program, though, I will teach and also bring guests to help address the basic steps of building a business. And if there are more questions you have that I cannot answer, I will help to provide you someone t=in the field that can help you.

These and many more questions and unhelpful beliefs will be addressed in the program

Not that long ago, I was letting all these factors and more get in the way of my calling and purpose.

However, I felt the fear and did it anyway. I took the first step because the little voice inside of me reminded me:

You are a Healer...
You are meant to touch way more folx than only via 1:1...
You have a mission in your life...
Stop wasting your time...
Feel the fear and do it anyway...
I’ll guide you as soon as you take the first steps...
You are enough...
The answers are within…
There are people out there waiting exactly for your services...

What does your inner voice and intuition tell you? Are you listening?

How much longer are you willing to wait?

For those that are like, I am ready to take action, I encourage you Just Do It!

Whatever that is, whether is this program, another, or just on your own. 

I am only offering this to those that feel called to my services. 

“Dr. Garcia provides insight and guidance through a culturally inclusive and trauma-informed perspective. Dr. Garcia creates a safe space to be honest and transparent.

Dr. Garcia’s mentorship helped me become more in-tune with my personal and professional challenges.”   

- Christopher J. McMullen, MA

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